May 30, 2013

May 29, 2013

I opened one eye this morning to a dark dismal looking day.  My head ached, along with a lot of other things.  Not a very promising morning.    My dog sat looking on hopefully  as I got dressed.  She thinks her before-breakfast morning run is the only option.  I was having doubts, but I pressed on.
I gulped down a couple Excedrin, put on a jacket and we set off ---out the back gate into the sagebrush.
I inhaled a few big breaths, but the headache was still there.   Overhead hung a dark remnant of cloud left over from the last storm front that passed over--chilly winds still blowing, sans rain.    
        The phone rang while I sat in the massage chair.   It was my granddaughter Beth.  She said she had a few spare hours and wondered if she could come over.   Her almost daily visits had come to an end when she gave up her job at the local market.    She missed them, she said.   I sent up a small prayer for a shot of energy, because I love Beth's visits.   She suggested that we do something fun, and I badly  needed some extra stamina.
 Oddly, when I got up from the chair, the headache was dimming down. . . .almost gone. 
The pain in my lower back seemed strangely absent..  Excedrin and prayer obviously work well together.
         Beth helped me with a few errands and then we headed to the Great Basin Art Gallery.  It is housed in a quaint little cottage, a small but exquisite collection of Nevada artists work.   From there we walked to the Capital grounds and stood and gazed at the huge bronze of Kit Carson on his horse.  It stands in a little plaza in the center of the park-like grounds of the Capital building.  Above us the sky had cleared and the sun sent its rays down through the massive trees that dominate the park.  
Shadows dappled the lawns and a cool breeze whispered in the leaves.
We strolled the pathways enjoying each other and the beauty of the day.
I sent aloft grateful thanks for answered prayers and unexpected blessings!
Betty L. Owen, journal 2013

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