November 17, 2014


The writer of THE SHIPPING NEWS is Annie Proulx.  I have no idea as to how that is pronounced, the the lady is a genius with words.   I often wonder how a movie maker translates beautiful prose into a film.   The story is there, of course, but the images created by the writer are somehow lost.  
Ms. Proulx abandons the rules of punctuation and  structure when she flings down her sentences--it is as if she shuts her eyes and lets the thoughts and ideas run ram ant through her fingers onto the keyboard.  If she uses a computer she must certainly turn off the spell-check!   Her voice comes through and the images and descriptions fill the spaces behind your eyes as you read. . .
In describing the Aunt she says, "...her sentences flew from her like ribbons on a pole."
Her analogies are hilarious as she builds her word pictures, and the images of the bleak, rocky coast of Newfoundland fill up your mind, and you find yourself looking for a blanket as you imagine the sleet slamming against your window-panes!
      The movie was true to the book in most ways, but if you want a glimpse of real life on the seacoast of Newfoundland, and a peek into that rickety old house on Quoyle's Point. .. .go read the book!      Read and reviewed by Betty L. Owen

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