December 10, 2017

TIS THE SEASON. . . . Thanksgiving was a day of joy and gladness with just Janie and I participating.  Beth and Trish had to work.  We let the day flow around us and did what felt good at the time. A ride in the car seemed the order of the day.
 The sky was dark and overhung with cloud and little snowflakes drifted down.  The day stretched out before us and all around lay a scene painted in winter hues.  Wild horses roam these hills and we were brought to a halt by a herd  right in the middle of the road.  They were licking the asphalt (for the salt, I suppose?) It was a photo-op, ready made!
      Nevada is a place where one discovers the beauty of muted color and one perceives that ‘beautiful’ does not necessarily mean ‘green’! As we made our way south along the base of  the Carson Range snow levels deepened and EVERYWHERE was a Christmas Card.  Slowing for groups of deer munching on the shrubbery, the trees …..oh  trees of all varieties looked picturesque in their mantles of white, and snow like frosting on every fencepost, branch and twig.  Not a flake was melting—the landscape was frozen into a perfect Courier and Ives landscape.
As another Christmas season unfolds with all it entails, my mind reels with beautiful images and my thoughts, resting in the knowledge of the love of my family, the faithfulness of my many friends, wherever they may be, make my heart sing.
This new season has not been traditional in any way, but it will make a beautiful page in my book.

Love, Betty,  or Mom, Granny, or Auntie?

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