June 7, 2011


When you reach the ripe old age of 89 everything becomes a project, even the act of packing a bag.  The prospect of an airline flight, and time away from home looms large in the mind.  Energy must be hoarded and doled out sparingly lest one is suddenly bereft and depleted.  The thought that this may well be the 'last trip' fleetingly crosses the mind.
       Instead of the bubbling excitement of youthful bygone days, a faint anxiety takes its place as the days dwindle down to the departure date.
It is not good to pack your bag too far in advance, I have found.  As time passes one has a tendency to forget what clothing you have packed in the bag, and you may find yourself having to search through it to refresh your memory..   Better to wait and pack the bag a couple days before you plan to leave.  I totally forgot to pack my sox this time!
Old people must have a traveling pharmacy too.  Don't forget to count out your pills!
          When D day comes and you can replace the agonies of anticipation with real action, things get better.   Actually, my trip went very well in spite of the hassles and obstacles of airport security.  I had no delays, cell phones worked, and I arrived at my destination right side up and intact.
        These family gatherings are events of great meaning and importance --especially those of us in the senior range.  Our family is scattered and it becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone together in one place at one time.  There are four remaining siblings in my family, and these times are very precious to us.  So we all make an extra effort to be there.
       Colorado weather is iffy in the month of May, and we often viewed the scenery through a changing mist of cloud, rain and even a bit of snow.   But the view of Pike's Peak from the front porch of the Inn was ever changing and heart stopping.
Susan and Frank provide not only sleeping accommodations and wonderful meals, but they have a talent for creating an atmosphere of peaceful serenity.

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aeshaul said...

Thanks for your thoughts - it just doesn't seem possible that you are 89, though! I SO love your youthful spirit and outlook and your willingness/eagerness to learn new things - including blogging! Thanks for being such an inspiration.