June 18, 2012


          Looking at the map it doesn't look that far. . .but Nevada lies on the eastern side of the big rock pile known as the Sierra Nevada Range which does pose a challenge.  Even as the crow flies, difficulties arise, such as a marine layer of heavy fog over the Los Angeles Airport.   Rather than getting caught up in the flight pattern over LA we were delayed for 35 minutes on the tarmac at the Reno end.   
We arrived in due time, were met, greeted and delivered to our hotel without further complications.
JUNE IN CALIFORNIA!  We lived in California for many years and became accustomed to the morning fog, the cold clammy mornings and learned to arrange our days accordingly.  (Swim lessons are better in the afternoon when the sun comes out)
O THE FLOWERS!    The blossoms seem more brilliant in the cool humid air, and if you walk along almost any avenue in a California coastal town in June the air itself is lavender.  The streets are lined with Jacaranda trees!   The trees  look like giant ferns; the branches are fronds of lacy leaves, and giant clusters of lavender flowers droop from them.  It is snowing lavender.Petals float down and land in your hair and you  walk on a pathway of purple petals.   
       This was a gathering to celebrate the graduation of  great Grandson--Austin.   The venue was huge, as was his class of 800 plus.  The ceremony was long and tedious, but we found Austin with our zoom lenses and captured the moment.
        Parties followed.  Days and hours of visiting and re-visiting people--siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins - too long separated.  Good food, happy tears, and a couple of delightful little kids for entertainment.
Kim and Doug' hosted, all participants were congenial and new acquaintances were forged because of this coming together.  
" People who need people are the Luckiest People in the world"  to quote a Barbara Streisand  song. . .
It was a beautiful occasion, and one that will play over and over in my mind.
B. Owen Journals  June 14, 2012


kim owen said...

Love this! It was such a great surprise to see you. I wish we had more time to visit.

Betty Owen said...

Thank you, KIm, for reading my blog ! Your comments are greatly appreciated!