November 1, 2016

I have seen the lake so perfectly calm that a leaf falling into the water seemingly would create a wake that would disturb the tranquility of the water from shore to shore. A special moment in time.
This time, a different lake was revealed to me during a gathering of family along the shores of Lake Tahoe. The weather was angry and a bit violent and the lake reflected the mood of the weather. But still, beneath the frothy, crashing waves breaking on the shore, the lake still blue and eerily calming to the eyes and soul. A rainbow in the sky softened the harshness.  The lake was not as disturbed as the surface would indicate. The blue water was even bluer than normal and the colors magically changed as each wave rolled by, and the sky was, as always, just spectacular. It was as if God was residing there, saying, “This too shall pass”.

Reflections of the few days spent along the shores are similar. Many hours spent reflecting on the passage of time in the lives of those gathered. We told of storms that came into our lives and the many humorous outcomes of lives lived miles apart. 
A time of sharing and reflecting on the changing moods of our lives.  And like the lake, time passes and the calm returns and life is restored to its natural balance. As if God resides there, and saying, “This too shall pass.”

I feel that we can learn from the observation of the nature that surrounds us. The Lake changes constantly, as do our lives and if God resides in our souls, our lives will reflect His spectacular handiwork as it does at this beautiful Lake. A special moment in time.

This was written by my brother Dale Sanderson Sr. after a family reunion at Lake Tahoe.  October 2016

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